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I am company founder, entrepreneur, business consultant and UX strategist that has worked with the web for over ten years. Over the course of those years I've worked as a developer, designer, usability consultant, manager and director as well as co-founded the highly successful Drupal consultancy NodeOne (now part of Wunderkraut). I am also a speaker at conferences and have organized the DrupalCamp conferences in Stockholm. My background is in computer science and cognitive science.


Besides the Internet and everything related to that, I'm a fan of all sorts of fiction, fantasy and science fiction. I enjoy movies, and I play video games from time to time. I prefer games with a cinematic feel where you get to experience another world or time. Last one to draw me in was probably Skyrim.

I also enjoy old school pen-and-paper roleplaying games or a game of poker in the company of friends. I love traveling, speaking and learning about languages and other cultures and I enjoy food as well as cooking when I have time. I enjoy skiing and snowboarding, and in the summers I try to do some sailing or at least ride in a motorboat or go hiking in the mountains. I also climb, mostly on indoor walls due to time constraints but I prefer the outdoors experience.