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Browser Bugs and Neutrality

Submitted by Jakob on 10 April, 2006 - 01:06.My Blog | Politics & Society | Website Updates

I've been busy ironing out the bugs I've discovered since the launch of the site. It still suffers from a mysterious bug in IE related to the loading of background images of certain elements, which makes the page header look strange in IE. I hope to be able to find a solution soon.

Edit: From Francky Kleyneman, who read my email sent to the css-discuss mailing list, and wrote a very detailed reply, I got some very useful pointers. He rewrote my markup and CSS, and suggested I replace the PNGs with GIF files, which I've done now. He offered much more help than I had expected, and he's obviously very knowledgeable, check out his site which is full of useful CSS tricks and techniques. I eventually rewrote all the code myself, major improvements being the result. CSS is fun, especially when it works!

Working around IE is a constant problem, I wish more people were using Firefox and Opera, not only do these browser offer superior support for web standards, they're smarter, faster, more secure and free of charge. IE isn't truly free, every Micrsoft license you ever bought has been used to fund the development of IE.

If you're using IE and haven't tried Firefox yet, you can click the Firefox button to the right to download it, it will pay me a small referral fee and you get to experience the Internet with the best browser available today.

I came across an interesting post on about the Swedish government manipulating satellite photos on Google Earth/Maps to hide secret government buildings and installations, especially one which was supposedly belonging to the Swedish spy organization. Strangely enough many of the people commenting were suprised to learn that Sweden has an intelligence organization, well of course we do! Even the current American president, Dubya, was surprised to learn Sweden had an army making the statement that it was strange since we're neutral. Well being neutral is just the best reason to having a working intelligence and counter-spy organization as well as effecient and well-trained armed forces as there's no one to guard our backs in case, in the very unlikely case, some country would attempt an invasion or attack. If I would allow myself to show some patriotism, a concept I find rather alien and absurd, I can say that we have some of the most advanced military technology in the world, the result of having been forced to not rely on other countries for our defense. This was crucial during the Cold War era due to us being so close to Soviet, it was just a few miles away across the water of the Baltic Sea.

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