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Down and up again

Submitted by Jakob on 13 April, 2006 - 12:26.My Blog | Website Updates

The past two days have been quite stressful to say the least, the recent site downtime happened when my previous hosting company didn't meet their obligations and simply shut my site down since it required too much server resources. Well, if you pay $60 a year for hosting, what do you expect? I wasn't totally surprised to be honest, but it's still bad news and added significantly to my stress level.

Fortunately they were kind of enough to grant me access again after a few hours so I could move this site off their servers. Now I'll see what I'll use that hosting account for, apparently it cannot handle a moderately popular Drupal site despite this hosting company marketing themselves as "Drupal friendly". Hah. That's so silly. Gee, are they gonna get bad press or what?

And if you wonder who they are, SiteGround is the name, and they suck when it comes to standing up to their promises. Don't host with them unless your needs are minimal!

Timing could have been worse however and thanks to my friend Frank Feingold I managed to find new hosting, but setting it up took longer than expected but it's a much better alternative and I won't run the risk of having the site "slashed" again. Either way, stuff is back up and running now. I've noticed some problems with emails, if you registered but didn't get any email, use the password retrieval function which should work once the email problems are solved.

Running this site isn't cheap, traffic is increasing and it puts a toll on the server, which in the end eats a whole in my wallet, so if you see a book here you like you can purchase it through my links which pays me a referral or you can search right here, any links you click there will also benefit me. The donate page is still here and I've also included my wishlist with books I've been looking to buy.

I'm busy now packing my bags, I'm leaving for France tomorrow morning for a week of skiing in the French Alps at Val Thorens. It's been fourteen years or something since I last was in France so it will be fun. Language might be a problem, I studied French for five years in school but I haven't been using it much since, well the more of a reason now I suppose.

Yes, there will be pictures, lots of them in fact, once I get the galleries up and running. I'll be posting while there provided I find a computer. But with French keyboard layout, just typing right might prove to be a challenge. :)

See you again soon! 

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