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Submitted by Lastof (not verified) on 5 December, 2007 - 03:13.
I'd certainly be willing to chip in something to see Solaris redone for phpBB 3.0 to the level of outstanding. I'm currently running a "stop my users complaining" version that I threw together (all following the terms of your licsence that came with Solaris. No redistribution, and "Design based on Solaris phpBB2 theme by Jakob Persson, Copyright 2003-2007 Jakob Persson " at the bottom linked to you), which is mostly just CSS changes to prosilver (I think only 3 actual template files were changed from their prosilver state). However, it was always just a make ends meet until you released a version sort of thing. Quick and dirty. If you don't manage to get a new version done, well, then I will have to think about either putting some real work in, or just designing my own style from scratch, both of which would both mean a lot of time, which I (like you) don't have much spare of. So, a small investment would certainly make alot more sense from my point of view.


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