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Kilowatts & Vanek are back, better than ever

Submitted by Jakob on 1 February, 2008 - 18:41.Music

I was glad to stumble over Kilowatts (aka James Watts) and Vanek's (aka Peter van Ewijk) new album today when for some impulsive reason googling for "Kilowatts & Vanek". K&V's first album, titled Rawq, was an innovative result an online collaboration between the two musicians through the Internet. They didn't meet in person until they first performed the songs live.

Well, K&V are an obvious match, they build wonderful poppy, smooth and paradoxically acoustic electronica. The latest album is a something every synthpop and electronica fan should be aware of. My only gripe is the pricing, you pay more if you want higher bitrate which is totally illogical IMO. I'm also a bit annoyed with the fact that the MP3s aren't properly tagged. But the album with its fourteen tracks, all of them great songs (no rejects here!), is easily worth the 8 bucks you have to cash out for the 192 kbit release.

So check it out!

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