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darrensy (2011-01-20 15:03)
Thanks to all the things I have learned in this site. Really helpful and it builds me self confident. cursos de ingles en el extranjero

Mengembalikan Jati Diri Bangsa (2010-05-14 04:28)
Hi There. When I tried to read all of your blog, it is not recently update since 2008. Indonesia Furniture Handicraft Wholesale Marketplace Bisnis Tiket Pesawat Indonesia Furniture Handicraft Wholesale Marketplace

Mengembalikan Jati Diri Bangsa (2010-05-14 04:18)
Hi Jakob! I've a member of this Jakob Personn for about 32 weeks ago. But today I have a chance to write post on this forum, I'll be glad to hear new story from you soon. Thanks

Eljakim (2010-04-23 14:39)
Hello Jakob, I just read your review on Legend of Kyrandia: Book 1. In it you mentioned a tool with which you can spawn items on request, I'd like to know how I get that tool (can't find it). I destroyed an apple, which I now need. To get it back I'd basicly have to start all over.

chancerobles (2010-02-18 23:24)
Hi Jakob you were friends or you knew David Eddings

calibus (2009-09-05 20:03)
hi, am interested i 'subSilver'php plz were can i download it from... thanks..

supa tails (2009-07-12 18:25)
Hi! I used to use The Solaris template on my old forums until it updated to phpbb3, I hate that because now I can't use any of your templates! My forum thrived off of your template and now there is a huge argument on which cheap non-cool template we can use. Your template was absolutely perfect, it would be amazing if you could update the solaris template to phpbb3. Please, I have also seen very many other people on the phpbb3 support forum requesting this template and were rejected by staff. I don't know what it takes to update it, maybe changing code or something, but please alot of people depend on you ^^ thankyou, supatails

Alor54 (2008-07-10 14:59)
Hi Jakob I used your temp (Space Pilot 3k) on my php & website, it is a brilliant temp - love it heaps - thanks for putting it up for us to use. Alor54 -

Arganos (2008-03-01 16:20)
I really love your templates Jakob! I have one question though: I read you're working on a brand-new version of Chronicles. Have you got any idea when it will be done?? A month, 6 months, a year? Truly yours, Arganos

heartofdeath (2007-12-09 02:27)
were could i get a free website and forum thats in english ?

angielski (2007-01-16 11:27)
i was looking for a template for my site and found yours. there are no templates i could use, as i found only for phpbb but belive there are best i ever seen! i've got a forum at using other script, now i'm thinking about changing it to phpbb with your templates. good job, mate (2006-09-10 21:32)
Jakob has done a great job providing his professional knowledge and useful advice in changing my website from a drab and dreary one, to something I'm really proud of. I admire him for his talent, coupled with an amazing intellect. Looking forward to bigger and greater things for both of us. Charlie Rich.
  Thanks Charles though there's a lot left to do about the design and bringing a consistent professional touch to the whole site, not just the forum.