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Macromedia Fireworks 8 : Training from the Source

cover of Macromedia Fireworks 8: Training from the Source
Binding: Paperback
List price: $49.99 USD
Amazon price: $41.41 USD
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This book covers the basics of using Fireworks 8 through a series of tutorials consisting of short step-by-step instruction. You'll quickly acquire techniques and methods in a matter of hours and in an enjoyable way while gaining confidence in using Fireworks for professional web design. Book Description

If you learn best by doing, and what you�re intent on doing is create stunning Web graphics with Macromedia Fireworks 8, this is the place to turn. The best-selling tutorial book on Fireworks has been completely updated to get you hands-on fast with all of the program�s most important features, including its newest: additional blend modes, support for special characters and AutoShape properties, workflow improvements, and more. Through project-based lessons that equal 16 to 20 hours of instruction, you�ll cover the entire process of creating Web graphics with Fireworks 8�from creating images to optimizing and exporting them. Simple step-by-step instructions, loads of screen shots, and a CD with media files and a trial version of the program will have you creating rollovers, pop-ups, and more in no time. Whether you�re new to the world of Fireworks graphics or a veteran user eager to tap the power of the latest version, you�ll find the trusted, Macromedia-certified instruction you need in these pages.

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