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Macromedia Fireworks 8 Win/Mac

cover of Macromedia Fireworks 8
Binding: CD-ROM
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Fireworks is the graphics application I use for all my web design work and has been used to design all of my templates and websites including this site. It is the best software for creating professional and attractive graphics for websites and interactive media.

The unparalleled support for working and combining vector and bitmaps graphics with realtime effects enables you to create scalable graphics and website mockups in minutes. Not only that, Fireworks offers a wide range of formats to export to and produces images with far smaller filesize compared to other applications ensuring your website loads fast and looks great!

I would never trade Fireworks for anything else and comparisons to Photoshop are in my opinion just in unsuitable. If you do work with creating interfaces for multimedia applications and graphics for websites, Fireworks excels. When it comes to photo editing, painting and drawing on the computer, a combo of Photoshop and Painter is a better choice. Product Description

Fireworks 8 lets you take full creative control over your visual environment, making it possible to create the Web pages you've only imagined. Its library of intuitive visual tools, round-trip editing capabilities and compatibility with Dreamweaver 8 and Flash Professional 8 increases your creative options and improves your workflow. AutoShape properties panel used to modify AutoShape properties such as the star, arrow, or smart polygon Live marquee and convert selections - Turn active selections into editable vector paths and the reverse Autoname text layers are automatically named by the text that gets typed into them Special characters panel - insert special characters directly into text blocks Edit path points when text is attached Recently used fonts now appear at the top of font menus Optimization now defaults to the last settings used Save, restore, name, and delete multiple marquee selections Shift-click to select objects that share an edge, in the layers panel Preferences are automatically saved more frequently Group consecutive nudges, to treat them as one move Improved tablet support for path scrubber tools and stroke pressure sensitivity Lock on a per-object basis in the layers panel

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