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Down and up again

Submitted by Jakob on 13 April, 2006 - 12:26.My Blog | Website Updates

The past two days have been quite stressful to say the least, the recent site downtime happened when my previous hosting company didn't meet their obligations and simply shut my site down since it required too much server resources. Well, if you pay $60 a year for hosting, what do you expect? I wasn't totally surprised to be honest, but it's still bad news and added significantly to my stress level.

Browser Bugs and Neutrality

Submitted by Jakob on 10 April, 2006 - 01:06.My Blog | Politics & Society | Website Updates

I've been busy ironing out the bugs I've discovered since the launch of the site. It still suffers from a mysterious bug in IE related to the loading of background images of certain elements, which makes the page header look strange in IE. I hope to be able to find a solution soon.

Welcome to my new website!

Submitted by Jakob on 8 April, 2006 - 15:14.My Blog | Website Updates

This is it the result of nearly four months of work: my new website. Getting here has been a dream come true. Over the years I've had many ideas about features and content I'd like to incorporate into my site but I haven't been able to due its rather limited format. Starting now, that won't be an issue.

All templates updated!

Submitted by Jakob on 8 January, 2006 - 23:44.Templates, Themes and Skins
All my templates are now updated to work with phpBB 2.0.19

Happy Holidays!

Submitted by Jakob on 18 December, 2005 - 23:42.Miscellaneous
As snow is finally falling here I'm taking time off for Christmas and to celebrate the new year with friends. I wish you all a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!

SpacePilot3K RERELEASED and Solaris, JustFooty and Cobalt 2.0 updated

Submitted by Jakob on 13 December, 2005 - 23:38.Templates, Themes and Skins
One of my first themes, featuring an updated and improved look, is now available again for the current phpBB version. Also, more tra

Featured author!

Submitted by Jakob on 7 November, 2005 - 21:55.Awards | Templates, Themes and Skins
I've been selected featured author for November 2005 by This is my second award (the first being featured phpBB) and that's quite an honor. Thank you phpBBHacks!

I'm co-founder and consultant at NodeOne, a Drupal consulting firm. My background is in cognitive science and computer science and I've worked as a web developer for over ten years. During that time I've done web design and development based on usability and web standards. I've also worked with phpBB, offering customization, theming and development phpBB sites and themes. I'm currently working as project lead and systems architect, building first class web sites, intranets and web applications on Drupal.

This is my personal website, home of my blog and my portfolio. The website also features articles and tutorials on web design, usability and other cognitive scientific musings as well as reflections on politics and society. You'll also find my free phpBB templates here.

Enjoy your stay and come back soon! Should you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to contact me.


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