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Chronicles just hit 20,000 downloads at

Submitted by Jakob on 4 November, 2002 - 20:20.Templates, Themes and Skins
...making it one of the most popular templates for phpBB! I think it's worth celebrating! Many thanks to all phpBB users who have helped me make Chronicles what it is! I am also working on what will be the final version of Chronicles 1, version 1.05.

Cobalt has now been released

Submitted by drupal_admin on 16 October, 2002 - 20:19.Templates, Themes and Skins
Originally a commercial template, Cobalt is now available to the public for free. Preview it at my forums or download it here.

My second template for Hardware Pacers forums is finished

Submitted by Jakob on 6 October, 2002 - 20:17.Portfolio Updates
Known as hpSilk with dark colors and brushed metal details. See it either at my forums or Hardware Pacers (register and swap template in your profile).

My latest work, a template for Mark Brown Financial Research is now finished

Submitted by Jakob on 18 August, 2002 - 20:15.Portfolio Updates
Very plain, very simple yet stylish. Demo it at my forums (register, and change template to MarkBrownCom in your profile). Interested in having a custom template designed for your forum? Click her

Hardware Pacers forums have got a new look

Submitted by Jakob on 6 August, 2002 - 20:07.Portfolio Updates
HP got a brand new high tech style template by me. See it in action or read more about it.

I'm co-founder and consultant at NodeOne, a Drupal consulting firm. My background is in cognitive science and computer science and I've worked as a web developer for over ten years. During that time I've done web design and development based on usability and web standards. I've also worked with phpBB, offering customization, theming and development phpBB sites and themes. I'm currently working as project lead and systems architect, building first class web sites, intranets and web applications on Drupal.

This is my personal website, home of my blog and my portfolio. The website also features articles and tutorials on web design, usability and other cognitive scientific musings as well as reflections on politics and society. You'll also find my free phpBB templates here.

Enjoy your stay and come back soon! Should you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to contact me.


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