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About the website

This is the personal website of Jakob Persson, web developer and consultant. The website includes his personal blog, his portfolio as well as a number of articles and tutorials in addition to a file archive and a forum. The website is an ongoing project and new content is constantly added while other content may be removed.


This website and I have been awarded twice by, as phpBB forum of the month and for author of the month. I am extremely happy and grateful to have been selected and I intend not to lower my efforts creating new free phpBB templates.

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This website is powered by the Drupal open source content-management system and a number of contributed application modules. You can read more about Drupal at the official website at


This site is hosted by Doreo. If you are looking for shared or reseller hosting (what I am using), I recommend Doreo, they offer an outstanding service with excellent support.

Click the link above to go to Doreo's site and order and you also support me financially and you get to be hosted with a great company.

Doreo is the only host I work with after having dealt with many of their competitors, which all offer unreasonably high amounts of traffic and disk space but will shut down any site ever getting close to using that alotted amount due to the fact that they pack too many sites on one server and don't have the processor power to handle many page views.

Doreo may seem expensive but in truth they're just honest. They also offer daily backups for up to seven days back, something very few other hosting companies can brag about. Support is very fast and most important, their support staff is very knowledgeable. If you're looking for a host or a better host, give Doreo a try, risk free since they have money back guarantee.

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This website uses cookies for visitor statistics and to enable personalized services such as user accounts for posting comments and posts in the forum. Visitors residing in Sweden are encouraged to read about our use of cookies.


I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank the Drupal community members who lent their time and expertise in aiding me install, set up, configure and customize this extremely powerful application. A cheer to Morbus Iff, who according to himself is the most evil person in the #drupal-support IRC channel, Sepeck for explaining some concepts which may seem very foreign to a newbie and Oadae for taking your time and helping out a newbie.