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List of phpBB2 Template tpl files

This list was originally hosted in the website knowledge base but later removed after the remake of The article is mirrored here as a reference for the template design guide. Scroll down the page to view the article.

List of phpBB2 Template Variables

A list of phpBB Template Variables, formerly hosted at but lost after the remake of the website. The list is now hosted here (scroll down to view it). It can also be accessed using the Wayback Machine:


The appendix contains resources referred to in the guide that used to be external but have been mirrored here since the original versions have been taken down.


Some .cfg file magic

A template for phpBB includes to CFG-files. These can be recognized by their file extension: .cfg. There are usually two CFG-files, theme_info.cfg and templateName.cfg (where templateName is the name of the template).

Some final words

With all that said Id like to wish you the best of luck. Remember that determination and an iron will are your best friends so don't give up and keep trying. With enough effort anything's possible!

Supporting your template

So your template is finished, released and everyone seems to love it, is your work over yet?

Well thats up to you. If you dont feel like doing anything more then thats okay, its your call but if you want to keep your template popular, and continue to support the community you should support your template. Supporting your template consists of:

Checking, compressing and distributing your template

Once exporting is complete you are ready to distribute your template so that others may use it.

Keep a clean house

The first step should be to go through your templates files and images and delete everything that isnt needed. You may want to keep some stuff so it might be wise to have a working template copy and one you distribute. Remove all unnecessary files from the distribution copy.

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