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Lost in thought

Submitted by Jakob on 7 July, 2007 - 00:36.My Blog | Movies & Film | Philosophy | Psychology
I watched Lost in Translation tonight with my younger brother. It wasn't the first time. It was more like the third, and well, just like millions of people I still like it as much as I did the first time I saw it.

Are you sure you bought that DVD just to watch it?

Submitted by Jakob on 22 May, 2006 - 13:59.My Blog | Movies & Film | Music

Standing in the kitchen washing up some plates today I suddenly started thinking about the pricing of DVDs and music. Perhaps the thought came since I watched a film with some friends last night, a film I had bought at discount price. I started wondering why people are prepared to pay more for a movie than an album, since an album in most cases has more replay value. This lead me to some other thoughts regarding why we buy music and movies in the first place, because it's not always and only about listening or watching them.

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