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According to popular opinion in Sweden, some bad will actually do good

Submitted by Jakob on 18 September, 2006 - 01:50.My Blog | Politics & Society

Tonight something rare happened, a conservative coalition won the parliamentary election in Sweden but it was close, and almost even. While the result doesn't surprise me, what amazes me is how easy it was to redefine the image of conservative party as an alternative similar to the social democrats, with policies not so different, and convince a large portion of the population of that. Perhaps people are so desperate, and so eager to forget recent history, that they're prepared to vote their political enemies into power as a manifestation of the disappointment in the now former social democratic government. Regardless of the success of said strategy it's not a recipe for a lasting solution and long-term political success. After all four years can pass rather quickly...

"Thank you IDF"

Submitted by Jakob on 7 August, 2006 - 18:13.My Blog | Politics & Society

I'm posting something different this time, something that is a bit more poetic than my usual ramblings. This was written by my girlfriend who's in Lebanon and who has a much better writer's voice than I'll ever hope to have. Enjoy!

If you could, would you stop a crime from happening?

Submitted by Jakob on 29 July, 2006 - 21:00.My Blog | Politics & Society

According to some theories of moral understanding, acting according to one's moral conviction without regard to personal safety or the conventions of society is the highest tier on the ladder of moral maturity. Very few people can claim do have done it, and those who do seem to be among some of the most inspiring leaders and visionaries of our time, including people like Nelson Mandela and Gandhi. But the time for miracle efforts for justice isn't over as the world is seeing the war in the Middle East deteriorate and stands mostly passively by and watches a state systematically harass and kill the civilian population of another, you could also speak out against it and work for a better world.

Lebanon, beauty ravaged by destruction

Submitted by Jakob on 23 July, 2006 - 21:49.My Blog | Politics & Society | Travel

I'm back in Sweden after two strange weeks in Lebanon, filled with wonder, excitement but also nervousness and frustration due to the situation that is unfolding there. I've been experiencing a relatively unknown country that deserves more than it reputation has. It is a beautiful country, situated on the rolling hills and mountainsides overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, offering beaches, mountains, skiing and a capital with a vibrant culture and nightlife. Lebanon is a fusion of west and east, hard to define but easy to love for its eclectic progressive young soul and generous cuisine.

Congratulations Finland!

Submitted by Jakob on 21 May, 2006 - 00:07.My Blog | Music | Politics & Society

A complete surprise, Finland won the Eurovision Song Contest this year and I can't imagine a better or more deserving winner. Finland's never done better than ending up sixth place and that was back in 1973. Best of all, they didn't just win with any song, they won with Finnish trademark music: heavy rock, so this is great news indeed!

A different perspective on the music filesharing debate

Submitted by Jakob on 13 May, 2006 - 13:18.My Blog | Music | Politics & Society

The debate on filesharing is heavily polarized and seemingly dominated by two camps; the record companies with their signed artists as allies attempting to come off as guardians of justice forming the vanguard of an army of lawyers marching on the supposedly anarchistic, irresponsible filesharers. I think this view, which is popularized through media, is extremely inaccurate and is an obstacle in every attempt to try and understand the issue and its underlying causes. Filesharing was inevitable and is here to stay, in fact its success is in part due to record companies' strategies.

When is "humor" actually humor and when is it racist?

Submitted by Jakob on 5 May, 2006 - 00:06.My Blog | Politics & Society

Talking to my friend Bexx who lives in this US, and can be seen posting here at my site now and then, she showed a picture of tshirt she perceived as being racist, perpetuating stereotypes about native Americans. This made me recall the recent and similar political debate and media storm regarding the caricatures posted in the press containing a derogatory depiction of the prophet Mohammad. What should be considered racist and what should not?

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