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XML/RSS feed

You can easily subscribe to this site's XML/RSS feed by pointing your feedreader here:

What is an RSS/XML feed?

RSS means Really Simple Syndication and offers a short digest of the latest posts at a website. RSS uses the XML format which is a standardized way to exchange data today. Almost every website offers a feed making it very easy to stay up to date with new content that's being posted at the site without having to go there manually with your browser to check.

A feed usually contains ten or twenty of the latest posts at a site. A post can be a news item, a new page or any kind of new content. A blog's feed usually contains the latest entries in the blog. Every post in the feed is listed along with its title and its ingress (the first paragraph) which is usually a short summary of the post. Some fees also list the categories a post is filed under, that way you can keep track of certain topics at your favorite sites.

Using a feedreader such as Feed Demon or a website like you can watch several feeds. Watching means you keep track of them and the feedreader will download the feeds on a regular basis making sure you stay updated.  At for example you can build your own page that lists several feeds as well provides several other smart widgets such as displaying the local weather.

C|NET has an interesting article about RSS and how you use it.