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Contact me

Use this form to contact me, however before you do please take care and check the following:
  • First of all, if you haven't already, please read the FAQ (frequently asked questions) and make sure your question isn't answered there.
  • If your question is about phpBB support please visit, I regret I cannot offer support for phpBB.
  • If your question is a support question regarding using my templates with phpBB, please post in the template support forum.
  • When writing, please include your full name and website, it's basic courtesy and I appreciate it.
  • If your question is about a website or forum where you found my name in the page footer credited as designer, it is most unlikely I am in any way affiliated with the site in question. Instead of contacting me, use to find the name of the domain name owner or ask your ISP for help tracking down the website owner.
  • Use English or a Scandinavian language when writing. I can only respond to communication in English, Swedish, Danish or Norwegian.
  • Remember, the key to getting a good answer is asking a good question so please make sure you provide as much relevant information as possible.