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Submitted by Jakob on 25 December, 2007 - 03:09.

If you look at the terms above, you will see that I require attribution, so even the new releases, whoever made them, will link back to my site. This is exactly the way it is now so nothing will change in that regard.

However, people are prepared to pay less for custom forum design than you may think, and not very often the kind of rate I need to ask to stay afloat financially. There's just not enough business in the forum design industry which is why I've changed direction, and priorities.

I'll consider the fee you're suggesting, it's a good idea!

Happy Holidays to you all! Christmas Eve is over, it's the big day here in Scandinavia, it's when the tree is taken in and the kids get their gifts from Santa who comes to your house with a big sack of presents and asks "have you been nice this year?" before handing them out.


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