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Submitted by Anonhyronymous (not verified) on 7 January, 2008 - 18:11.
Well to be honest i have just startet using forums. I had a good look through Google looking for phpbb templates that look somewhat good... And I tell you, I was shure in for a shock, finding out that for the Forum system i wanted to use (allthough i looked for a well used system,with community and a lot of nice addons) there were NO nice, good, or stylish designs. I would have made a template myself, but as stated before I am new to phpbb, forum and even php itself. But by searching ALL templates (to find the most accepteble one) i suddenly came across a really nice template, and then suddenly again, and again... Guess what... They all were YOUR designs... ALL! Now he point I am trying to get to is, I sadly have no Money at the moment because I am unemployed. By the way its not really my fault, so dont flame the poor "workless"^^ I would gladly pay a part of the needed, but it is simply impossible with my financial situation. I am one of many Leechers in the Internet, and a am NOT very proud of it. Non to be changed at the moment though... But a big problem is there are many people like me, and i dare to say the a respectable lot of these people are not fault at there situation. (Shure, there will allways be foul apples who simply dont want to work, but not everyone is that way...) Without people like you, people like me would not be able to be as creative as we woluld like to be. Or build up Communities... Or by use of other free stuff like progs and other things... People like you use a big part of there time to help others, by giving the th one who knows nothing about webdesign a ready template... By giving the Beginner something to build on an learn from... By giving someone poor something for free... This is a noble an friendly attitude that so much more people should have... (Like everybody helping everybody and other silly dreams^^). Dont misunderstand me, this is not a text for asking you to make the port for free... No it is not! This Text is supposed to be a big big THANKYOU in the name of anybody who has used your templates, it has been a honour to use your work and good designs! /bow Not many people do so good work and dont think about money making about it... I shure hope you never loose that attitude, but by not making the port you will loose no sympathy, its your Life, and by allready helping People that amount, you have nothing to worry leaving anyone in the ditch. Well, A great THNAKYOU from me for your work! greatings, Anonhyronymous


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