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Submitted by Johny Iversen (not verified) on 12 March, 2008 - 18:06.

Hi Jakob

I've been using your template "Chronicles" at a free forum host a while back, and at that time did not know of you, because it was just one of the standards to choose between.

Now, making a new forum for a gaming community, I've been searching all over the nets for a decent "ancient looking" theme, and then I remembered the theme we had, and thought that it could work.

Took me some time reading down to this point (read all your replies I think), and I completely agree with your descission. I know all too well, how free work can be way more time consuming than one really has the time for.

I'd just like to leave in a few cents of my own:

  • I think the reason why people aren't that glad to pay for design, is because there's a lot more to a forum than "just" design, and so, even though people can afford hosting, they might not be able to afford to pay that much for what is only a small part of their budget. E.g. I have hosting that allows me to have several domains for no extra cost, and thus, having to pay for forum design on only one of the forums I might be hosting, would be very expensive, in the sense that there's many other things to prioritize too, just as you're prioritizing your time on something else than free forum designs. :)

    I have a very strict budget too (being a student and all), but if the payment isn't too expensive, yes I would chip in, because I think your design is great as is, and I would so love to see what improvements you plan on bringing to it. :)

  • My problem is now though, that the only thing I lack now for my forum to go live, is the design, so I'm somewhat in a hurry, and therefore I'd be more than happy to "just" go with a quick conversion, until the full release comes out. Do you by any chance have links to sites where I can download such a version (I saw one guy linking to their forum, but nowhere to download the design)?

Anyways, keep up the good work! :D


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