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phpBB Template Design Guide

Welcome to my guide to phpBB template design. This guide is meant to cover all the aspects of template design for phpBB so you can learn how to successfully create your own template for phpBB2.

I assume you already know a thing or two about web design such as basic HTML and CSS. Contrary to popular belief you do not need to know how to program in PHP (the programming language phpBB is written in) in order to make templates for phpBB. PHP code is not necessary in order to create a template and it is actually even disallowed in templates you submit at

With phpBB3 on its way it may seem like a strange time to publish this guide, and yes it is, it has been waiting to be written and published for a long time now. However phpBB3s template engine is very similar to the one in phpBB2 so the knowledge gained reading this guide applies to phpBB3 as well.

This guide doesnt have to be read in sequence however I recommend you sit down and apply everything, it will help you gain an understanding of how it all fits together.

This document is constantly being edited and while it is a complete guide content may still be added. If you have comments or suggestions on topics you'd like to see covered please share them with me.

If you like this guide please link to it. Please note that you may neither republish this guide nor parts of it in any form or manner without permission, instead please refer your visitors here.

If you're interested in translating this guide to another language, please contact me

Submitted by cajunrose on 28 May, 2006 - 18:03.

As many tempates that we all can choose from on the web, none feels quite right for a magical fantasy castle site. Your Chronicals template was pointed out to me and it is pretty close, then I found this tutorial and got so excited about being able to design and create a template that will be just for my site.

Thanks for sharing your talent in such an easy to understand tutorial

Submitted by Jakob on 28 May, 2006 - 18:49.

It's great to hear that! Drop me a line when you're done. I'd love to see what you come up with.

Submitted by ZaDeveloper (not verified) on 1 June, 2006 - 11:49.

Really glad that you have taken the intiative to spend your precious time in helping the rest of us with your nice tuts!!

Submitted by Teddy Thormtson (not verified) on 1 March, 2007 - 11:15.
subj. Really good tutorial, i foun what i need there. Thanx

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