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Checking in

Submitted by Jakob on 15 September, 2007 - 23:58.My Blog | Drupal | Internet | Personal | Travel

So I've been very busy the past few months. Barely time to do anything but seeing clients, working and lapping a little sunshine now and then. The farthest from Sweden I got was to Oslo (Norway) to spend a week there hanging out with friends and trying not to think about how expensive it was.

In early August, Wordsy was updated and given a brand new design and several cool new features, entirely built on Drupal by me. It's an extremely fun site to work on since its users are a lot like me, book geeks! Yep... the other geek crowd. Hmm, looking at it this way makes me double geek! Double good for me then!

Fortunately I'll get a chance to see the Mediterranean this year since I am going to the annual Drupal developer convention called Drupalcon (which is in Barcelona this year) next week with my colleague Thomas from Webbredakt�ren, the company we both work with and for. It'll be the second time I visit Barcelona, last time I was in a car speeding through the city driving northeast towards France. This time I hope I'll have a chance to see something of the actual city since roads in Spain are quite uninspiring. Perhaps I'll get a chance to improve my Spanish. Or probably not, since I'll be speaking English the whole time. We're hoping to meet some cool people to work with and learn about Drupal.

The market for Drupal-related services is exploding and it seems we're doing the right thing at the right time. As I have said before, I am a strong proponent for free software (the FSF meaning, not as in "free beer") and it's amazing how open source licenses and free software has shaped the Internet. Especially PHP and MySQL have gained extreme popularity recently, which is great since it means there's even more momentum and time poured into making them even better. Particularly PHP which is a programming language we love and hate at the same time. However thanks to initiatives like Go PHP 5, we can probably rid ourselves of PHP4 within a year or two and move forward.

It's an amazing time and age to see, live and work in.

Looking at what's on the horizon, it's obvious that phpBB3 will be released rather soon. I am still updating the templates for phpBB3 and I cannot say exactly when they'll be finished. Like I have said before, Solaris goes first, the other ones follow.

I'm going to write a follow up to my post about web development work and probably complete my introductory tutorial to Drupal with a sequel. I haven't had time to sit down and decide where these series of articles are going. Writing without direction and you turn out like Proust, philosophizing about pastry. Though in my case it'd probably be about an iPod.

I've gone entirely Mac now. Been owning a MacBook since October of last year and I am extremely happy with it. Especially now after I plugged another gig of RAM into it. It was the speedboost it needed to widen my smile even more. If you consider getting a Mac too, I'll post an article soon about some of my experiences, recommended applications, tips and tricks what I think is less good about these fruity computers. Thank god I haven't turned into a Mac fanboy!

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