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Checking in

Submitted by Jakob on 15 September, 2007 - 23:58.My Blog | Drupal | Internet | Personal | Travel

So I've been very busy the past few months. Barely time to do anything but seeing clients, working and lapping a little sunshine now and then. The farthest from Sweden I got was to Oslo (Norway) to spend a week there hanging out with friends and trying not to think about how expensive it was.

Lebanon, beauty ravaged by destruction

Submitted by Jakob on 23 July, 2006 - 21:49.My Blog | Politics & Society | Travel

I'm back in Sweden after two strange weeks in Lebanon, filled with wonder, excitement but also nervousness and frustration due to the situation that is unfolding there. I've been experiencing a relatively unknown country that deserves more than it reputation has. It is a beautiful country, situated on the rolling hills and mountainsides overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, offering beaches, mountains, skiing and a capital with a vibrant culture and nightlife. Lebanon is a fusion of west and east, hard to define but easy to love for its eclectic progressive young soul and generous cuisine.

Mediterranean France et la bonne vie

Submitted by Jakob on 14 June, 2006 - 12:49.My Blog | Travel

If you're wondering about the lack of updates it is because I'm abroad, in the southwest of France near the border to Spain. I haven't been able to get online until today and now that I happen to sit in front of a PC the French keyboard layout drives me nuts! Despite the near unusable keyboards, it is truly great here. I love the everything about this part of France and the Mediterranean, the lifestyle, the food, the wine, the culture and the landscape and have had the chance to see a lot of it in this relatively short period of time.

Experiencing Amsterdam

Submitted by Jakob on 31 May, 2006 - 23:25.My Blog | Travel

I've been in the Netherlands since Saturday and it has been a blast. I'm here to visit our fellow cog sci student friends from our friend-program in Nijmegen. Yesterday and today were spent in Amsterdam, a beautiful though somewhat strangely bizarre city which I couldn't help falling in love with.

Going to the Netherlands

Submitted by Jakob on 25 May, 2006 - 12:42.My Blog | Travel

My Internet connection is down and has been down since Tuesday which is why I haven't posted in three days. I'm quite annoyed with the way my ISP handles it, it seems their tech support is taking the holiday and weekend off, so nothing will be done until Monday when I'll be in the Netherlands.

Skiing in Val Thorens

Submitted by Jakob on 26 April, 2006 - 04:18.My Blog | Travel

Here's a short diary, or rather recollection, of the week I spent in Val Thorens skiing. I hope it will come in useful for others planning to spend their vacation in this area or are just curious about it. Comments are welcome as always.

More sun and snow

Submitted by Jakob on 19 April, 2006 - 19:58.My Blog | Travel
Half the week has passed, I'm coming online here to check on things and post another short update. I'm having a great time, I can't say I've ever seen or experienced such fantastic skiing so accessible and enjoyable. If you get away from the lower slopes which are dominated by beginners, who tend to make skiing riskier for everyone else*, you'll be treated with high altitude pistes that go for miles and if you venture outside the marked path you will, without much difficulty, find perfect powder.
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