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When you're finished, test!

When youve come to the point when you feel that your template is complete, perfect in every regard, or perhaps just good enough, ask a couple of your friends and members of your family to check it out for you, post and test everything they can see. We tend to become blind to our own mistakes so its always a good idea to have someone else look it over and give you a second opinion. It will help you fix problems you may have ignored unknowingly.

Do this a couple of times, work iteratively, request a template check, fix the problems and request a new one. Repeat as many times as necessary. Its time well spent since every fix discovered after release will take a lot more time fixing then than it would have should you have fixed it before you released your template. Discovering problems after release doesnt just give people a bad impression of the template you have spent so many hours perfecting; you will also have to resubmit your template at various sites which still doesnt guarantee that people will actually use the new version in favor of the old one.

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